Sandra Harner
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The shadow has been a powerful image throughout the ages and in a variety of media. A prominent theme in the world's fairy tales, folklore, fiction and opera, to recall a few, the shadow has meanings that speak to the deep, the hidden, the unknown, unknowable potential for human action. Plato, Longfellow, and C.G. Jung have employed it in communicating philosophical and poetic visions. It is ephemeral, changes quickly as the sun defining it moves on, temporarily exposing the sharp outline and shifting, fading as quickly as a smile. Who, having once seen or heard of the shadow permanently cast at Hiroshima by the atomic bomb blast, could deny its mute witness and grim reminder of nuclear horror.

Shadow Portraits. In a true collaboration with the artist, each person created the stance and its consequent shadow portrait as a personal expression. Further, the net, a linking of a single strand by a series of knots to create a strong and flexible fabric, is potent with the meaning of joining together - forming a "network."

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39" (w) X 41" (h) X 19" (d)
Linen, paper twine, and mixed media 1984


35" (w) X 39" (h)
Linen & Ink 1983


Pretty Polly
60" (w) X 62" (h)
Cotton with acrylic paint 1983


Roni and Sandy
36" (w) X 41" (h)
Paper, dye, acrylic paint, ink 1983



32" (w) X 32" (h)
Linen 1984


Approximately 37" (w) X 37 " (h)
Linen & Ink 1985



32" (w) X 60" (h)
Linen 1984





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