Sandra Harner
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Current Works


These pieces are created in a variety of weaves. Each intention is to encourage the interplay of color, fiber, and loom, enhancing their unique expression in combination. The themes are what they evoke in the viewer and their sources are diverse. As I work on them, the works reveal themselves.

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East India Tea Company

18" (w) X 60" (h)
Linen plain weave, appliqué,
and embroidery, 1977-78

Thanks to Joanne

Approximately 7" (w) X 11 " (h)
Linen 1982


Inner Space 2

39" (w) X 80" (h)
Linen 1979

Inner Space

60" (w) X 90" (h)
Linen 1968


For Selig

39" (w) X 80" (h)
Linen 1978


47½" (w) X 68" (h)
Linen 1970





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