Sandra Harner
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Tapestry has attracted artists and the public alike in most of the world's civilizations. It is found throughout the history of textile art. Scandinavian, Ancient Peruvian, Coptic, Chinese, Japanese, and other Asian textile artists, including those of the Indian sub-continent, as well as those in French Ateliers of the Middle Ages, excelled in this form of expression. So inviting about this medium is the very direct, even simple, technology that simultaneously demands the artist's hand and spirit. Each culture's imprint powerfully plays out in the visual presentation, adding to our appreciation of diverse aesthetic expression.

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Fifth Chakra

Approximately 18" (w) X 20" (h)
Linen and Wool 1979

Winter Dawn

Approximately 18" (w) X 20" (h)
Linen and Wool 1979


Branched Lightning

40" (w) X 70" (h)”
Linen and Wool 1985

Joshua Tree

60" (w) X 84" (h)
Wool 1978


Remembering Jane (detail)

17⅙ " (w) X 19½" (h)
Linen and Wool 1978


60" (w) X 47"(h)
Linen and Wool 1979


Shaman's Song
47" (w) X 39" (h)
Linen and Wool 1979





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